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Cartridge Heaters



  • Frequently used for heating dies, platens, molds, and other metal by inserting into drill holes.

  • BT Cartridge Heaters provide precise and excellent heat transfer efficiency.

  • BT Cartridge Heaters have the versatility of being able to carry thermocouple inside to help control temperatures of the heater more accurately.


  • Mold heating

  • Water Heating

  • Liquid Immersion

  • Plastic Molds

  • Dies

  • Labeling

  • Medical Equipment

  • Platens

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Hot Stamping

  • Sealing

  • Injection Molding

  • Mass spectrometry

  • Rubber molding

  • Food production

  • Immersion tank heating

  • HVAC compressors

  • Fuel cells

  • Semiconductors

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