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BT Thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature​.

  • Two common constructions for these:

    • Mineral Insulated (MI)

      • used a highly compacted stainless sheath with solid conductors encased in magnesium oxide insulation.​

      • This offers wider range of diameters, allows for sensors to be bent in the field for temperature up to 2200°F.

    • Tube & Wire

      • used an empty stainless tube with a wire inside which has welded tip incorporating the wire junction. This typically used up to 900°F.​​

  • RTD's Resistance Temperature Detectors:

    • Sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as it's temperature changes.

    • More accurate

    • typically used for temperature sensitive and laboratory applications.

  • Thermocouple Applications: 

    • Used as the temperature sensors in thermostats in offices, homes, offices & businesses.

    • Used in industries for monitoring temperatures of metals in iron, aluminum, and metal.

    • Used in the food industry for cryogenic and Low-temperature applications.

    • Used as heat pumps for performing thermoelectric cooling.

    • Used to test temperature in chemical plants, petroleum plants.

    • Used in gas machines for detecting the pilot flame.

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